Pediatric Dentistry

The best way to have a healthy and beautiful smile always begins with preventative dental care. At ProGrin Dental, we emphasize preventative care to all of our patients from toddlers to adults. It is especially important for our younger patients to develop good dental hygiene at a young age so they can be set for a healthy future – saving you time and money.

Shocking Facts About Children’s Dental Health 

Our entire staff loves to treat children and we go out of the way to make their visit with us pleasant, fun, and educational. Scheduling regular dental appointments for your children is very important, starting from when they get their first tooth! If you postpone your child’s dental care, they may be at risk for serious dental diseases and future oral health problems. It’s common for children to have dental decay and other oral health issues:

  • 25% of children aged 2-5 have tooth decay
  • 40% of children have dental cavities by the time they reach kindergarten
  • Pediatric dental disease is 5x more common than asthma

For more facts about tooth decay, check out this link here!

Your Child’s First Appointment 

Our entire dental team takes great pride in their ability to make your child’s visits an enjoyable and relaxing experience. Our professionals take extra time with kids to ensure they are completely comfortable and at ease before any treatment begins.  We believe in educating all of our patients in proper dental hygiene so they can continue the good habits at home and keep their teeth for life. Ready for your child’s first visit? Schedule their appointment today!

We have tips for preparing for their first visit. Download our helpful guide!

We Care About Kids! 

We’ve created the perfect environment for children to receive high-quality dentistry. They’ll enter the iGrin Zone, a hip, cool environment where they can receive the BEST pediatric dentistry in Woodruff, SC!

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